Apple Tree

Apple Tree

Apple Tree is my latest album.

Completed during 2020, like all my albums it was written over several years. 

The title was inspired by a housewarming gift. The song ‘Apple Tree’ is an ode to my daughter, who was living in London at the time. 

The nine songs on the album are, as is typical of my music, hard to categorise.

It sounds great... melodic and lush. To my ears it's Roger Waters meets Robert Forster & Mojave 3.

Martin Kennedy,
All India Radio

Very accomplished Rowan! Sounds great. So clear. The mixing and mastering are great. My top picks so far - 
‘Not another night’
‘Journaling in the vastness’
‘Lorem Ipsum’

Loving the electro stuff.

Last track’s a bit Robert Forster. Loving it all.

Thinking ‘Never’ is my favourite so far. It’s a bit late period Reels.

Glenn Bennie,
Underground Lovers, GB3