As a creative brand specialist, I’ve had the opportunity to direct significant programs and demonstrate, many times, the power of a simple idea to quickly transform the most complex communication challenges and toughest of social issues.

Through my company, over 22 years, there have been so many highlights.

I created ‘just like that’, the road safety brand campaign for Tasmania in 2000 that was instrumental in delivering the state’s first ever fatality-free Christmas and New Year period. The ‘just like that’ campaign quickly became the state’s most popular and number one recalled brand. Over the next seven years it was so successful that ‘just like that’ was used by other Australian states and territories.

Soon after, I went on to co-found Green Team Australia, the first Australian agency to specialise in working with brands around the world that were committed to sustainability

Our pioneering strategy, science and creative communications firm expanded from Tasmania to offices in Sydney and Melbourne, and, alongside our partners, in New York, São Paulo and Mexico City. We also won many creative and business awards.

Today, as a consultant and coach, I seek meaningful opportunities to work with people and organisations that are purpose-driven and genuinely seek to make the world a better place.

When I am not working on brands, I am making music, under my other hat.