A new way to build your brand

A new way to build your brand

Being a small business owner I have the deepest respect for and empathise with people and businesses that have suffered losses and lockdowns far greater than my experience in Hobart these past couple of years.

The new normal of working from home and via screen was, for me, the perfect backdrop and validation for something I had already been doing and contemplating for the next stage of my work.

I'm still as passionate about the creative process and what it makes available, and am at the stage where I want to share my knowledge and experience more widely.

These threads have come together with Creative Brand Coach.

I'm excited to be going online as a coach and consultant and to be developing courses and other training products.

It's a great time for creative services online. Of course there's never been more competition, but as I know to be true, clear intent and a brand to match means great things quickly come into view.

Creative Brand Coach is the opportunity for anyone with a brand challenge or question to easily access my expertise and support.