How the pilot course went

How the pilot course went

How to create and build a brand people love.

This was the name of the pilot online course I recently conducted with five fantastic students. 

Sure, the five were my partner, two of my three sisters, a friend who has worked in my business, and another from my book club. 

But, my partner is a producer at MONA, my two sisters have very exciting small business ideas, my friend is deep into planning her own new online business, and my book club buddy, interested in graphic design and knowing my experience, was interested in my take on things.

The 5 modules in the pilot course were held over Zoom, for an hour once a week. Each corresponds to one of my 5 Steps for Success.

Each session far exceeded my hopes for a great group, a fabulous shared experience and, in the end, how each participant would be boosted by the pilot.

The pilot provided me with an excellent trial of ideas I came up with over a year of working with several mentors as I contemplated my move into online coaching and the development of my own personal brand.

The feedback from the course group has helped shape my next iteration of courses.

It’s been a fantastic experience and I’m really looking forward to launching and promoting my next courses.