A road safety game changer

A road safety game changer

Just over twenty years ago I created a brand for road safety in Tasmania that changed everything.

‘Just like that’ reduced serious injuries by 25 per cent.

It saved lives, leading to the first-ever Christmas holiday period since records had been kept that were free of fatalities.

It was described by the independent research company measuring it as the most successful engagement for any ad campaign they'd witnessed.

It also put our new little Tasmanian agency on the map, and me personally on a journey and trajectory for creating other community engagement and public education brands and campaigns for leading global companies.

Best of all, 'just like that' saved lives and reduced serious injuries and other important measures and statistics in unprecedented ways. The campaign was so successful it was also used by other Australian states and territories.

Outdoor Billboards from the campaign

During the first term the campaign contributed to a reduction of between 12% and 18% in serious road crashes, as well as to the first fatality-free Christmas holiday period since records began.

Minister’s Foreword, Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy

Just like that has the highest recognition level we have recorded for an advertising campaign amongst any target group.

Tony Hocking, Managing Director, EMRS Research