Macguffins – 7″ Original Vinyl

Sought after, very rare vinyl.

These are the last remaining copies of the original Macguffins 7″ Single, ‘Rich Together’. The original Dex pressing from 1988.

Never played. In ‘as-new’ condition as a forty year old, carefully stored vinyl record in its original cardboard sleeve, can be.

“Let’s all transport to Melbourne, Australia, in the 80s. There are many great bands at the moment, some more successful than others. Some good labels too. And there’s one band whose one 7″ always escapes from me.

Always at last minute on eBay someone bids more than me. And my excitement, my hopes, are all killed, destroyed, buried. This is one of the 7″s I want the most, it’s the Macguffins and the single is ‘Rich Together’. A song that makes me tremble for the sincerity of it’s lyrics and the romanticism behind it.”

Roque – Jun 17, 2012 – Cloudberry Records