The 5 Steps to a brand people love

The 5 Steps to a brand people love

Research. Strategy. Creative. Campaign. Measurement.

These are the 5 Steps to building a brand people love.

I’ve walked them many times. I’ve marvelled at their capacity to consistently deliver. If you’d like to learn more about any of them, get in touch.

And the picture above? This image of a local Port Pirie barber and small business owner was taken as part of a brand campaign for the City of Port Pirie. Come See Change.

You can see more here.

What’s great about this is that it demonstrates the quality of Steps 1 and 2 to impact Step 3 (and beyond).

To arrive at this campaign outcome the client involved all stakeholders in the process. They organised a two-day conference at the local yacht club for key decision makers, including people from the Port Pirie Council, business leaders, interested public participants and our client, Nyrstar, to workshop and voice opinions for a new vision promoting the City of Port Pirie.

I was invited to co-facilitate this workshop, with sessions for distilling the many thoughts, concerns and ideas into key distinctions. These came down to five key areas that the collective wanted to reflect in their new story for Port Pirie. These were: that Port Pirie was of global and national value; that the city had a sustainable future; its location; transition and change; we care what you think.

Here was quality research and strategy. Not without planning and effort, but with great clarity of outcome.

And then on this piece of paper pictured below, is the exact moment, some weeks and much committed brainstorming and iterations later, where my process led to the answer. (You can see where I’ve even reminded myself of the five key messages in the bottom left corner.)

The ‘Clunk’ moment. Magic. Again.