The Lorem Ipsum

The Lorem Ipsum

A graphic designer/songwriter’s idea of the Lorem ipsum (placeholder dummy text), being the things in life said, instead of what one meant to say.

This song closes out my new album Apple Tree and is written in memory of Nor Alam. 

Nor was a dear friend of my partner, Rachel. They met in their twenties, in Sydney. Both moved to Hobart in the following years.

About a year before Nor sadly and quite suddenly passed away, the three of us had enjoyed a delightful Sunday lunch celebrating her new home. On a tour of the house we’d stopped in the bathroom to admire (and Nor to question) a disproportionately huge bath in the smaller room. Nor pointed out she had never used it and added, “I might have a bath for my anniversary of being in the house.”

We all laughed and I said, “I’m going to write a song about that.”

I wrote down my recollections of the conversation that evening. But as my songwriting often goes, Nor didn’t get to hear this finished. 

I’m glad to have finished and recorded it now. And I know it means a lot to Rachel too.

The Lorem ipsum is a life you meant to say.